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Portland Timbers Select Nobody In Dispersal Draft

The Timbers passed with the 12th pick in the Dispersal Draft.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The disassembly  of Chivas USA is now complete and the Portland Timbers came away from the process with... nobody. The Timbers did pick up Ben Zemanski, Jorge Villafana, and some fond memories of the top spot in the 2013 allocation order that allowed them pick up Mix Diskerud Clint Dempsey nevermind, from Chivas before the fire-sale truely began, but passed in today' Dispersal Draft.

With the new collective bargaining agreement still not finalized and the need to take on a player's full contract with no ability to negotiate, the dispersal draft was always going to be thin on actual value.

Although FC Dallas did pick Dan Kennedy with the first spot in the draft, as just about everyone expected, only six other players were picked. Of those six, none were over the age of 24.

The final player taken in the draft was Marco Delgado, taken by Toronto FC with the 14th pick. Expected to be one of the first players taken, given his potential and some solid playing time this year for Chivas, Delgado could have been a good depth player for any number of teams who passed him over.

Not taken in the draft was former Timbers defender Andrew Jean-Baptiste. All of the players not taken will be available in the MLS Re-Entry Draft next month.