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Friday Work Waster: FootGolf, Epic or Fail?

A new sport has started to take over golf courses world wide and that sport is FootGolf.

Harrington's long crosses would be well suited for long Par 5's
Harrington's long crosses would be well suited for long Par 5's

I first heard about this sport on MLS's Extra Time Radio's podcast and I am not sure what to think. I vacillate between excitement and the thought that someone might have had too much to drink when this sport was invented. The sport I am talking about is FootGolf. Yep, you read that right FootGolf. It is golf played with a soccer ball and your feet instead of a club.

Apparently there is already a governing body for FootGolf in the USA and here is one of their promotional videos:

On the AFGL's website they have a link to courses where you can now play FootGolf and apparently there are two under construction in the Portland Area. One is set to open in the spring of 2014 and the other has no website. I am defintely taking my brother Kejsare and going to play a round when he comes back to visit in May. There is also a FootGolf World Cup!

One last video with a quick rundown of the rules:


I just learned that the Glendoveer Course will be opened May 6th for all to play. We could have a FootyGolf Tournament!