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Portland Timbers vs. Chicago Fire Prediction Thread

Who will come out on top when the Timbers host the Fire tomorrow?


Tomorrow at the stroke of noon the Portland Timbers will take on the Chicago Fire in their second match of the season. With another week for the team's much anticipated attack to gel, will we see an offensive explosion from the Timbers this week, or will 2013 MVP Mike Magee play the hero for the Fire, as he did so often last year?

Got an answer? Then let's put on our predicting hats and kick this off.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • The final score.
  • The goalscorers.
  • The timing of the goals.

The more specific the prediction, the better.

The rules: Get your predictions in before kick-off. Correctly predicting the score is worth two points, correctly predicting a goal scorer is worth one point, and coming close to the timing of a goal is worth one point. That's about it. I reserve the right to award bonus points for excessively awesome/accurate predictions.

Check out our game preview, interview with SB Nation's Hot Time In Old Town, and most recent training reports to make sure that your predictions are as accurate as possible.

The Score

In last Saturday's prediction thread spirits were high and the estimation of Philadelphia was low, so we did not see many correct predictions for the full score line. However, there was faith in Gaston Fernandez and that got a number of people on the board.

  1. RCTIDnomatterwhat: 3 (Correct score, McInerney goal)
  2. DDugan: 3 (Correct score, Fernandez goal)
  3. ssjbryces: 3 (McInerney goal and timing, Fernandez goal)
  4. BarmyTarmy: 2 (Correct score)
  5. AkronSnape: 1 (Bonus point)
  6. joe.gefro.3: 1 (Fernandez goal)
  7. jddrews: 1 (Fernandez goal)
  8. pecorasc: 1 (McInerney goal)
  9. bloodyyanks: 1 (Fernandez goal)
  10. Withdrawn Striker: 1 (Bonus point)
  11. scottharra: 1 (Fernandez goal)
  12. Akron Timbers: 1 (Fernandez goal)
  13. James Bondo: 1 (Fernandez goal)
  14. mike.obremski: 1 (McInerney goal)
  15. halver.smith.5: 1 (Goal timing)
  16. oregavania: 1 (Goal timing)

Should you have gotten more points? Tell me about it in your prediction for this week.