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Will You Root for MLS in the CONCACAF Champions League?

The Timbers are not in the CCL until next year, so who do we root for until then?

Otto Greule Jr

The Portland Timbers will not play in the CONCACAF Champions League until August, but with the 2013-14 edition still in full swing, who are you rooting for?

You may remember back in 2011 when Major League Soccer was pushing the #MLSforRSL campaign, trying to get fans around the league to root for the Kings of Salt Lake in the CCL. Whether people were on board with RSL or not, it didn't help as they lost 3-2 on aggregate to Monterrey.

This year the Los Angeles Galaxy, Sporting Kansas City, and the San Jose Earthquakes are still in contention after leg one of the knockout rounds. With each MLS side being matched up against a Mexican team, LA holds a 1-0 advantage over Tijuana, as does Kansas City over Cruz Azul, while the Earthquakes are tied 1-1 with Toluca.

The Galaxy play Tijuana tonight, then Kansas City and San Jose play Cruz Azul and Toluca tomorrow. All three second legs will be held in Mexico, where teams from the US have consistently struggled, and broadcast on Fox Sports 2.

With the Timbers set to have a crack at the CCL next year, do you want MLS teams to succeed or fail?

A team going to the final would add four more matches to their schedule, something that will wear teams down earlier in the year. They would also represent MLS and the increasing standard of play in North America, potentially helping to lure better players here from Central America and around the world (if you want to look at it like that).

On the other hand, as a Timbers fan, do you really want to even contemplate the potential horrors that the league would subject you to if the Earthquakes were to somehow win? Plus, if nobody from MLS wins, it leaves the door open to the "Portland Timbers, first MLS team to win the CONCACAF Champions League," a possibility made even sweeter after the Seattle Sounders washed out three years in a row.

What do you think?