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Portland Timbers at Colorado Rapids Prediction Thread

Can the Timbers start their 2014 road record with a win?

This afternoon the Portland Timbers take on the Colorado Rapids in their first game away from home this season. With the Timbers leaving the cozy confines of Providence Park for the the first time this year, the question has to be, will they continue to struggle on the the road as they have in years past, or can the Timbers reverse their fortune so far this season and start putting together some wins?

Got an answer? Then let's shine up our crystal balls and kick this off.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • The final score.
  • The goalscorers.
  • The timing of the goals.

The more specific the prediction, the better.

The rules: Get your predictions in before kick-off. Correctly predicting the score is worth two points, correctly predicting a goal scorer is worth one point, and coming close to the timing of a goal is worth one point. That's about it. I reserve the right to award bonus points for excessively awesome/accurate predictions.

Check out our game preview, interview with SB Nation's Burgundy Wave, and most recent training reports to make sure that your predictions are as accurate as possible.

The Score

  1. Miter Saw: 4 points this week/4 points overall (Final score, Fernandez goal, Larentowicz goal)
  2. oregavania: 3/4 (Final score, Larentowicz goal)
  3. DDugan: 1/4 (Goal timing)
  4. Akron Timbers: 2/3 (Fernandez goal, goal timing)
  5. bloodyyanks: 2/3 (Fernandez goal, bonus point - Timbers give up a penalty)
  6. ssjbryces: 0/3
  7. RCTIDnomatterwhat: 0/3
  8. Coug999: 2/2 (Fernandez goal and timing)
  9. alantyll: 2/2 (Final score)
  10. Cascade Ranger: 2/2 (Fernandez goal, goal timing)
  11. BarmyTarmy: 0/2
  12. wvtimbersarmy: 1/1 (Fernandez goal)
  13. FarBar: 1/1 (Fernandez goal)
  14. greenlinearmy: 1/1 (Fernandez goal)
  15. charlotte sometimes: 1/1 (Bonus point - Palmer yellow card)
  16. the_rza: 1/1 (Bonus point - Fire red card)
  17. Victor Eremita: 1/1 (Fernandez goal)
  18. tyler.carter.: 1/1 (Fernandez goal)
  19. L_slack: 1/1 (Fernandez goal)
  20. fatberry: 1/1 (Fernandez goal)
  21. k noche: 1/1 (Goal timing)
  22. NoVaBurgher: 1/1 (Goal timing)
  23. jprichard10: 1/1 (Goal timing)
  24. Ballast: 1/1 (Bonus point - second Fire yellow)
  25. AkronSnape: 0/1
  26. joe.gefro.3: 0/1
  27. jddrews: 0/1
  28. pecorasc: 0/1
  29. Withdrawn Striker: 0/1
  30. scottharra: 0/1
  31. James Bondo: 0/1
  32. mike.obremski: 0/1
  33. halver.smith.5: 0/1

Should you have gotten more points? Tell me about it in your prediction for this week.