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How Often Are Multiple Penalty Kicks Awarded in MLS?

Not very.

Turns out that it is fairly rare to see two penalty kicks awarded to one team in one match in Major League Soccer. You all probably knew that, but just how rare is it actually? For an answer we turn to the 2013 season statistics.

In the 2013 MLS regular season's 323 games played there were 81 penalty kicks awarded over 70 different games. 11 of those games had multiple penalty kicks. Of the games with multiple penalty kicks, 5 had both penalties awarded to the same team.

A penalty was called in 22% of games, multiple penalties were called in just over 3% of games, and multiple penalties were called for one team in under 2% of games.

No team had different penalty takers in the same game.

So rejoice Timbers fans. You got to see something so rare that it never once happened in the 2013 MLS season.

Here are the games in question:

3-16-13 Toronto at Montreal 1-2

Robert Earnshaw and Patrice Bernier each score.

3-30-13 Portland at Colorado 2-2

Will Johnson and Hendry Thomas each score.

4-13-13 LA at Dallas 0-1

Landon Donovan and Kenny Cooper are both saved.

4-13-13 Colorado at Chivas 1-0

Deshorn Brown scores. Jose Correa misses.

5-26-13 LA at Seattle 4-0

Robbie Keane scores both.

7-4-13 Columbus at LA 1-2

Robbie Keane scores both.

7-27-13 Salt Lake at New York 3-4

Fabian Espindola scored both.

8-21-13 Salt Lake at Portland 3-3

Javier Morales and Diego Valeri both score.

9-8-13 Montreal at New England 4-2

Patrice Bernier scores both.

9-21-13 DC at New England 1-2

Lee Nguyen misses the first, scores the second.

10-19-13 Vancouver at Colorado 2-3

Camilo and Gabriel Torres both score.