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Portland Timbers vs. Philadelphia Union Prediction Thread

The Timbers are back! How do you think the game will play out?

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Timbers kick off their season today and that means it is time to make some predictions! With Diego Valeri and Will Johnson back in the side after missing time in the preseason, the Timbers are looking like they are at full strength. The question remains, though, will they be able to find their scoring touch today or will the Timbers attack need still more time to gel after playing together for only 90' in the preseason?

Got an Answer? Then let's put on our predicting pants and kick this off.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • The final score.
  • The goalscorers.
  • The timing of the goals.

The more specific the prediction, the better.

Last year we recognized the closest possible predictions each week and this year we will do that again, but this time there will be a twist! I will be tracking the correct predictions and the person with the most accurate vision of the future will get a prize at the end of the season.

The rules: Get your predictions in before kick-off. That's about it. I reserve the right to award bonus points for excessively awesome/accurate predictions. (ie. The successful prediction of Oswaldo Alonso's red card last year.)

Check out our game preview, interview with SB Nation's Brotherly Game, and most recent training reports to make sure that your predictions are as accurate as possible.