MLS Fantasy Week 1: You Ready?



Just one more tweak...

I am so excited for this. In 2014, with the larger rosters, increased prices, and small roster cap increase, soccer managers are going to have to get smart in order to make the most of their dollars. I have spent the last month or so tweaking and tweaking and tweaking my roster, looking for that diamond in the rough player or two that will give me an edge out of the gate. I've debated which big money purchases will pay off over the course of the season. And then, I've thrown all of it out the window, started from scratch, pulled out a few hairs and some excel spread sheets, in order to make what I think will be a good starting point. Here's to nothing:

Starting XI:

Forward: Luyindola, NYRB ($7.0m), Fernandez, PTFC ($8.0m)

Midfield: Fernandez, VWC ($7.0m), Donovan, LAG ($11.0m) [CAPTAIN], Le Toux, PU ($8.5m), Zusi, SKC ($11.0m)

Defense: Kimura, NYRB ($6.0m), Olave, NYRB ($9.5m), Jewsbury, PTFC ($6.5m), Michel, FCD ($8.0m)

Keeper: Kennedy, Chivas ($4.5m)


Crepeau, MI ($3.0m), Sherrod, HD ($4.0m), Remick, SSFC ($4.0m), Malki, MI ($4.0), Urruti, PTFC ($7.0m), Griffiths, CR ($4.0), Laba, VWC ($7.0)


  • You can't avoid some throw away players, but as much as possible aim for those that might get some playing time or are held by a lot of other managers. If I understand the rules right, players like Crepeau or Remick will increase in value because so many managers have them on the roster.
  • I don't have anyone from big question mark teams, such as Toronto, San Jose, DC United, Rapids, etc. Even though there are some good players there, I want to make sure the teams gel before I start putting out cash.
  • Why do I have Urruti benched? Because I still think that defenders are a safer bet to start over forwards as far as scoring maximum points. So Kimura gets the nod over Urruti, and I cross my fingers I'm right (and that I'm dead wrong).
Happy start of the season to you all! Who are you betting on in your starting XI?

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