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Portland Timbers Man of the Match: A Bland Choice

We pick out a Man of the Match for last night's 1-1 draw.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Timbers may have won their first road point of the season against the Houston Dynamo, but the match still managed to be quite demoralizing for those watching at home. A first half of possession without penetration was followed up by a madcap scramble to hang on to the tie in the second, making it difficult for any one player to stand out above the rest.

Regardless, here are our picks from Sunday's match. Check them out and share yours in the comments below.

Ryan: Diego Chara

My default. He completed 10.2% of Portland's passes, 1 key pass and had at least 2 clearances on set pieces. The smallest man on the field won the header at least twice on set pieces! It was still a pedestrian performance from almost all the Timbers.

Stacey: Gaston Fernandez

Yeah, I'm picking the goalscorer just because he scored. Like others, I didn't find much to be inspired by in the Timbers' performance this weekend. But that finish really was great and the goal seemed to come from out of nowhere. La Gata's one big, impressive moment got the Timbers the draw, which is a little less depressing than a loss.

Kelly: Brad Davis

If not for the deflection off Davis Portland would have lost the most bland game of the season. I suppose I should be saying Fernandez, but it just feels like no one really went out and earned the right to be called Man of the Match.

Kevin: Will Johnson

I will give it to Will Johnson. 60 of 61 completed passes and led the team in successful tackles. A bland answer for a bland match as Kelly put it.

Who was your Man of the Match against the Houston Dynamo? Vote in the poll below and let us know why you made your choice in the comments.