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Portland Timbers Man of the Match: Happy Birthday

Come on. It is totally Diego Chara.

Steve Dykes

The Portland Timbers just played out a thrilling/disappointing/crazy/absurd 4-4 draw with the Seattle Sounders and there is not a lot of disagreement on who was the Timbers' Man of the Match.

Here are our picks. Make sure to share yours and vote in the poll below.

Kevin: Diego Chara

It's going to the birthday boy. Two great goals and the usual dominance in the center of the pitch. And I do believe he was crying when the match was over because we coughed up the win. Respect.

Kelly: Diego Chara

For all the reasons everyone else is going to say.

Stacey: Diego Chara

Enforcer. Birthday Boy. Goal-scorer?! Chara is my MOTM for doing all the things he usually does so well and adding a brace for good measure. It kills me that the Timbers couldn't get all three points to back up such a great individual performance.

Michael: Diego Chara


Ryan: Diego Chara

He left it all on the field and did everything he could to make sure the Timbers won that game. Too bad others did not step up like he did. Two cracking goals from outside the box!

Will: Diego Chara

It was Chara.

If an argument can be made for anyone else on the team, though, it has to be Darlington Nagbe. Nagbe stretched out the Seattle defense as he tormented DeAndre Yedlin out wide which certainly helped provide the ample room that Chara had for his two fantastic goals. With Seattle forced to spread their defense rather than just clogging the middle of the pitch, the Timbers' attack was actually able to function as it was meant to.

There are our picks, but what are yours? Vote in the poll below and let us know why in the comments.