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Match Reactions: 5-7-5

We wax poetic after the Timbers' 4-4 draw.

Steve Dykes

In the aftermath of yesterday's 4-4 draw against the Seattle Sounders, fans of the Portland Timbers seemed stunned and confused; not too surprising after the team gave up two goals, including the fourth penalty conceded of the year, to allow the Sounders to even up the score.

This time around we are giving our reactions in the form of haiku, as requested in last week's reaction thread.


Always remember
The Diego Chara Brace
Tears, joy, disbelief


Diego Chara
Is at his best in the fifth
Game of the season.


Timbers Exploded
Diego Chara with a Brace
Then they imploded


Nice job Diego.
Oops, Clint Dempsey scored a goal,
Suddenly 4 - 4.


Chara best player
On the league's best team from
18 to 18

The syllable count may be a little off here and there, but I think they sum up our immediate reactions quite well. Share your response to yesterday's game in the comments, in haiku form of course.