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Portland Timbers Training Quotes and Notes: The Game Remains the Same

The Timbers worked out behind closed doors today.

The Portland Timbers put in a solid practice session today before their midweek break, going for an hour and a half at their Beaverton training facility before heading indoors for a meeting. Practice was closed to the press today as the team starts their preparations for taking on Chivas USA this Saturday.

According to Diego Chara and the Timbers' staff, the meeting was an annual security briefing that included instructions on how to best interact with the police. On hand was a member of the Portland Police Department to speak with the team.

Chara also talked about how scoring a brace on Saturday against the Seattle Sounders affected his game.

Obviously it gives me a little bit of confidence, but I don't think it is going to change the way I play. My game is going to remain the same. I think I am just going to be looking for those opportunities where, if I see that I can shoot on goal, then I will do it.

The diminutive midfielder distilled down just how he managed to bag two goals after going almost three years without getting on the score sheet.

It was a very special moment. It was a special game. I think that what I did was I found the opportunity to take those shots on goal and they went in.

Maximiliano Urruti also was thankful to have gotten his first tally of the year.

I am very happy for that. For a forward, it is important to score and I was lucky that I got to do that in such a game.

Urruti credited the growing chemistry among the team for their burst in offensive output against Seattle.

We are starting to play a bit more of the kind of soccer that we want to play. We are starting to know each other a little bit better and I think that things are coming along.

Injuries and Absences

The practice setup today meant that the Timbers were well hidden from view, so no new word on the health of Will Johnson or Donovan Ricketts.

Rodney Wallace was still on the field at the end of today's practice session, taking shots on training keeper Justin Luthy under the supervision of one of the team's trainers.

Trialists and Guest Players

League pool goalkeeper Daniel Withrow was still with the team today.