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Portland Timbers vs. Columbus Crew Highlights: Fighting Back

Here are the highlights from Saturday's match against the Columbus Crew.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Timbers managed several good turns of play in Saturday's match against the Columbus Crew and, boy, did they need it. Balancing out the good was the bad: the red card, the penalty, and the own goal.

This is along one, as far as highlight reels go, with six goals and a card being crammed it. The highlights do include several other moments, though, including Darlington Nagbe's tracking back to pick Federico Higuain's pocket, Jairo Arrieta's shot off the post that could have stifled the Timbers' second half resurgence, and the amazingly loud boos as the referee blew the final whislte.

Best Call: "Oh no..." at 9:00.

What was the best moment of the match against Columbus? Were there any key moments that were left out?