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Portland Thorns Women of the Match: Missed Opportunities

Which Thorn stood out to us against Sky Blue?

McDonald and Sinclair await a corner kick.
McDonald and Sinclair await a corner kick.
Jeremiah Mitchell Braeback - Stumptown Footy

The Thorns mixed up the line up and had plenty of chances on goal, but once again Christie Rampone, Jill Loyden, and the Sky Blue defense did their best to keep Portland of their game and off the scoresheet.  While some players struggled, others came out strong.

Here are our picks for Women of the Match:

Jeremiah: Mana Shim

Mana had some great chances in her first start since April 19th, nearly putting away her first goal at the start of the second half and generally looking dangerous, despite playing in a less natural wide position.  While she led the Thorns with 6 shots (2 SOG), none of them were able to sneak past the Sky Blue defense, as the they continue to struggle to finish their chances.

Ryan: Christine Sinclair

Sinc was doing everything she could to get the Thorns on the scoresheet. Her runs opened up the defense and if the Thorns had a little more quality in the final third and get Sinc on a few Her timely runs she would have broken outbid her goal slump.

Stacey: Mana Shim

Mana really brought a spark to the field in her second start this season, and even though the attack couldn't quite catch fire, I still feel she deserves the WOTM nod for that. Her passing was excellent and showed real vision and creativity. If only Jillian Loyden hadn't played such a great game, Shim would probably have an assist or maybe even a goal to her name after that match. Honorable mention goes to Sinclair, who looked much more dangerous and, like Mana, was denied a place on the score sheet only by some exceptional goalkeeping.

Will: Sinead Farrelly

Farrelly was the Thorns engine in the center of the park. As the rest of the team began to flag in the second half, she was still running down loose balls, putting in hard tackles, and generally making life miserable in the center of the park for SBFC. Her passing may not have been as nice as Mana Shim's or Rebecca Moros's, and she may not have had the defensive impact of Emily Menges, but overall she did more than anyone to give the Thorns the chance to come away from the match with a a win.

Who was your Woman of the Match against Sky Blue? Vote in the poll and explain your choice in the comments.