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Where Will You Watch the World Cup?

The World Cup is nearly upon us; where will you be watching?

Claudio Villa

Each day the World Cup inches closer, it's shadow hanging over every facet of the international sporting landscape. Now, with only two days until it kicks off, nations all across the globe are preparing for productivity to grind to a half as employees stay up late watching the games, slip out for long lunches, stream matches on their computers, and generally get bad cases of soccer-brain.

Two days ago we asked how much of the World Cup you would be watching. The overwhelming responce was something along the lines of "a *freaking* lot." Now, with the exception of the single "World Cup, smorld cup" vote, we want to know where you all will be watching.

Portland is a famously soccer-friendly town and you could probably walk into just about any bar and get the game on, but what is your ideal spot for taking in the matches? Will you be at the local watering-hole, at one of the Timbers Army's partner establishments, sneaking glances at your cell phone, or just trying to shut out the world until you can get home to your DVR?

Give us your pleas for spoiler alerts, bar recommendations, and general thoughts on watching the World Cup in the comments below.