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Portland Timbers Man of the Match: Sick of Waiting

Who put in the best shift as the Timbers bossed Orlando?

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Timbers controlled play against Orlando City U23 on Tuesday thanks to some professional performances against an amateur side. As the Timbers took care of business against Orlando, there were several stand out performances that we chose for our Man of the Match picks.

Ryan: Maximiliano Urruti

I wanted to go with Rodney Wallace just because it was Rodney Wallace in the starting line-up and he went 80 minutes. However, Maxi Urruti out shined the return of Rodney Wallace when he was involved with all three goals of the night. His vision and passing was great and was needed to breakdown the defense.

Stacey: Gaston Fernandez

The Timbers attack didn't start last night out looking as ruthless and dominant as they probably should have. When Fernandez scored his incredible first goal, it looked like he had gotten sick of waiting for everything to click and had decided he was just going to have to take care of it himself. That was awesome and seemingly exactly what the Timbers needed. Fernandez also consistently looked like a man playing against boys out there, which wasn't exactly true for the whole team and is part of why he gets my MOTM vote.

Will: Rodney Wallace

Look, Rodney Wallace may not have gotten two goals or two assists, but he was just torching fools on the left flank for the entirety of his return to the pitch. His interplay with Michael Harrington looked miles better than any of the other options that the Timbers have deployed on that flanks this season. Granted, that was against a team of college kids, but it was exciting to see none the less.

Who was your pick for the Timbers' Man of the Match? Vote in the poll below and let us know why in the comments.