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Thorns Post Game: The Interviews - June 25, 2014

Paul Riley, Christine Sinclair,and Rachel Van Hollebeke spoke to the media following the Thorns' 2-1 loss to Sky Blue FC on June 25, 2014.

Stacey Neve - Stumptown Footy

Head Coach Paul Riley

"They have to make the goal bigger or something, I think, for us. I think the goals are smaller at home. They’ve got to be smaller at home. We work on finishing every day. Finishing in front of 15,000 is different than finishing in practice. We lacked a little composure in the penalty box. We had four or five clear-cut chances in the last 10 minutes for us to get back in the game. Just didn’t get it done. Hitting balls to hard, swinging at them like we’re trying to knock them out of the stadium instead of just placing them. Just have to get back to the training field and work on more finishing until we’re fed up with finishing. And give the goalie credit. In all fairness, give their goalie credit, too. She made six or seven very good saves. Jill Loyden was their goalie last time. They switched goalkeepers and they both had their best games of the season here. She did well. Her handling was perfect in these conditions, which isn’t easy. I thought her handling was very good."

Forward Christine Sinclair

"Pretty frustrating, especially at home, but I actually thought we played pretty well tonight. We gave up two pretty bad goals. The first one, a sloppy give-away and the second one, just horrendous man-marking off a set piece. Just frustrating....I think we have consistently, for most of the season, created a lot of scoring chances, but for one reason or another they’re not finding the back of the net. I thought [Sky Blue FC goalkeeper] Brittany Cameron played tremendously well tonight, and made it difficult for us, and then we just mishit some that should have been goals."

Defender Rachel Van Hollebeke

"It’s definitely interesting to go from the win we had last week to a game like this. I think, though, it was an interesting game because we did have a lot of the ball and a lot of the chances. It was one of those weird games where sometimes things just don’t quite work out and they put away their opportunities...That’s always interesting. We kind of did that a little last year as well, but I do think when teams come to play here they’re always on their ‘A’ game because they’re excited to play in this amazing environment, too. That could have something to do with it. It’s hard to say exactly, but every game is important. I’m glad we’re getting some wins on the road, and we’ll try to get some wins at home, too."