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World Cup 2014 Round of 16 Open Thread: Day 2; NEDvsMEX, CRCvsGRE

The World Cup continues with the non-US CONCACAF nations getting their day in the sun.

Miguel Tovar

Today sees the rest of the CONCACAF nations that made it out of the Group Stage, Costa Rica and Mexico, take on their respective adversaries. Both teams stand a reasonable chance to go through, neither has a match up that inspires confidence.

This is your all-purpose World Cup open thread. Drop in to make some predictions, talk about the games, or anything else World Cup related.

Today's Games

Netherlands vs. Mexico

Watch it on: ESPN

Kick off: 9:00 AM PT at Estadio Castelao in Fortaleza

This should be a very fun match to watch as the extremely stingy defense of Mexico, backstopped by Memo Ochoa, with try to contain the rampant attack of Holland. If Mexico can get their attack going against the Netherlands or even slightly contain Arjen Robbin, they could certainly get the upset and make their way to the quarterfinals.

Costa Rica vs. Greece

Watch it on: ESPN

Kick off: 1:00 PM PT at Arena Pernambuco in Recife

This is certainly the most unlikely pairing of teams in the Round of 16 as Costa Rica, the surprise darlings of the tournament, take on the rock solid defense that has made Greece an unlikely and unpleasant to look at power in European soccer. For Costa Rica, it will be difficult for them to break down Greece, but if they do not manage to get things going quickly, the Greeks could make things very hairy.