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Which World Cup Star Would You Choose for the Timbers?

Pick a star, any star!

Chung Sung-Jun

There has been plenty of talk of the Timbers' potential transfer targets over the course of the last week and the majority of it has been delightfully grounded. However, with the World Cup kicking off this Thursday we are about to see the best players in the world in action (or most of them, anyway; poor Zlatan) so why not go a little outside the box?

The Timbers have been linked to a high profile defender in Joleon Lescott, but if given the pick of the litter at the World Cup, should they stick with bolstering their back line, or go with something a little more... fanciful?

The easy picks have to be Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, and Neymar, but there are plenty of others out there. You could look at Sergio Busquets or Raheem Sterling or the excellently named Gökhan Inler; or one of the other 729 other players on this year's World Cup rosters.

So, if you could add one player from this year's World Cup to the Timbers, who would it be? Share your pick and the reasoning for it in the comments below.