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World Cup Bracket: Who ya Got?

Who do you think will win the World Cup?

Mike Zarrilli

With the World Cup only days away it is time to set up a Bracket Challenge league using MLS's own bracket challenge to see who here at SF knows the most about international soccer. You can also compete against the rest of SB Nation in their own league.

Stumptown Footy's league: Click Here

SB Nation's League: Click Here

Here is a quick bracket breakdown of my bracket:

Group A: Brazil, Mexico

Group B: Spain and Chile

Group C: Ivory Coast and Japan

Group D: Uruguay and Italy

Group E: Switzerland and France

Group F: Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Group G: Germany and USA

Group H: Belgium and South Korea

I have the US making the Quarters before they loose to Argentina. I also have Spain making the finals for the fourth straight major tournament but the German side comes out on top with a 2-0 win. Brazil beats Argentina in the consolation game.

If you need some help picking your bracket check out this link.

Can you do better than me? Tell us your picks below