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Game Flow: Bitter Disappointment

The Portland Timbers traveled north and after a hard fought comeback left with a bitter taste in their mouth.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

I am so frustrated and bitter about Wednesday's game that I couldn't write about it until Midnight on Friday. It was just another let down in a very frustrating year.

Opening Whistle- Half Time: The first half had some eventful forays forward for each team but the overall flow of the game felt like a high school game. A lot of turnovers that were easily converted to attacking chances due to the small pitch size. The Portland Timbers were not able to getting into a passing rhythm because of the packed midfield and were forced to play the ball long or over the top to Fanendo Adi. Gaston Fernandez did find the open areas in front of the Seattle Sounder's back line and almost put Portland on top in the early parts of the first half.

Seattle on the other hand was able to find the wide areas behind Portland's midfield and in front of the outside backs. it wasn't until the later parts of the half that Portland finally started to get on the ball and looked like the better team but their possession did not have the desired result.

Restart-Seattle Goal: Seattle's energy picked up after the restart and Portland was, once again, slow to start. Seattle had majority of the ball and thus the majority of the chances. Portland was still able to keep the Sounders from scoring but you just felt it was coming. Rant/ Then out of nowhere the Portland Announcer went and talked about giving up the goal! You JINXED THE TEAM! Thank you! Just add to the misery of the Team /Rant Finally Seattle was able to breakdown Portland's defense but it still took a remarkable goal to beat Donovan Ricketts.

Seattle Goal-Death's Door: As usual Portland woke up after giving up the goal and the attacks starting coming in waves. A lot of energy was expended looking for the equalizer and they forced a lot of saves but they still didn't he the goal. On the final play of the game Darlington Nagbe finally put his first goal of the season in all competitions into the net. Portland rose from the mat and old Mo was squarely in their corner.

Extra Time - Red Card (Game over): In the extra time it looked like two tired teams were playing out on the field. It looked like it would come down to heart and who wanted it more. Then the referee took exception to a Diego Chara foul and decided to pull out the Red Card. It came after Marco Pappa and Chara were bumping each other and fouling each other.

Red Card- Final Whistle: After the Red card it was just a matter of time before Portland gave up a goal. It came and then Portland had to push forward to get the equalizer, which opened them up to the third goal.


  • I hate Seattle..
  • I am not sure you can call DeAndre Yedlin a starlet. Yes he played and yes he is a good up and coming player but he played at most 90 minutes in the entire World Cup.
  • Does the Seattle announcer write alliterations and then hope he gets a chance to use them?
  • I am back to hoping Portland some how pulls it together instead of knowing Portland was a good team like they were in 2013.
  • I hate Seattle.