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World Cup 2014 Third Place Game Open Thread

There is still World Cup soccer to be played, even if today's match is the one that nobody wants to be in.

Jamie McDonald

Did anyone else forget that the World Cup was still going on? With Brazil out and traditional powers Germany and Argentina in the final, much of the anything-could-happen spirit of the early rounds has dissipated and all we are left with is the two best teams in the world set to play each other.

But that is tomorrow. Today we have Brazil taking on the Netherlands in a match that neither team really seems to want to show up for. Arjen Robben and Louis Van Gaal have both spoken out against the game. Some Brazilians may have as well, but it was hard to tell among the sobs.

This is your all-purpose World Cup open thread. Drop in to make some predictions, talk about the games, or anything else World Cup related.

Today's Game

Brazil vs. Netherlands

Watch it on: ESPN

Kick off: 1:00 PM PT at Estadio Nacional in Brasilia