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Portland Timbers Man of the Match: A Direct Hand

Valeri was a star in this one, but was there anyone else worthy of being the Timbers' Man of the Match?

Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Timbers got their first home win since May 3rd last night as they came back from a one goal deficit to beat the Colorado Rapids 2-1. Following on the heels of a hard-fought, direct first half, the Timbers moved to a style featuring quick, short passes in the second that took the Rapids apart and gave Timbers fans hope that something could be salvaged from this season.

Here are our (unanimous) picks for the Timbers' Diego Valeri of the Match Man of the Match. Make sure to share your picks in the comments and vote in the poll.

Ryan: Diego Valeri

It was going to take an individual moment of brilliance for the Timbers to earn their first win since May 3rd and Valeri provided it. His strike from 25 yards out was amazing as it went around the left side of the defender and then the right side of Clint Irwin towards the side netting.

Kelly: Diego Valeri

Obviously a great strike for the game winner, but he was creating stuff and getting involved offensively all night long. And even though he doesn't need to play defense all the time, when he does, he usually puts forth a decent effort. He does more than just provide token pressure, and he gets stuck in when needed.

Stacey: Diego Valeri

Probably my pick even before he became the big hero of the night, Valeri was doing great things on the attack all game long. His goal is rightly getting tons of attention, but my favorite Valeri moment of the night might have been his touch on the build up to the first goal. Maestro indeed.

Kevin: Diego Valeri

I do wonder what the outcome of the game had been if brown didn't get injured but matters not. We got the win and it was because of Valeri. Game winning golazo that will probably win goal of the week. Popping up all over the place and keeping up the high pressure was a joy to see.

I also would like to give an honorable mention to Liam Ridgewell for a good first full 90' in defense and showing us that not all center backs cough up own goals or pass to the other team.

Michael: Danny O'Rourke

Ok just kidding. Valeri. I thought in the first half it would be a game where we thought just how frustrating it was that Valeri was having such a good game but without a result to accompany it. Turned out he had a direct hand in the final score.

Who was your Man of the Match against Colorado? Vote in the poll below and tell us why you made your pick in the comments.