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Portland Timbers Man of the Match: Cornerstones

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Who was the Timbers' top performer in last night's 2-0 win over Chivas?

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The Portland Timbers put in a solid all-around performance against Chivas USA last night in their 2-0 win. The problem with the match was that there were too many good performance from the Timbers. Suddenly we have gone from a game with no good Man of the Match selections to one with several.

Our picks were all over the place. Check them out below then be sure to vote for your Man of the Match pick in the poll.

Ryan: Liam Ridgewell

I spent a lot of my time watching Liam command the back line. It was amazing to see the communication that was going on between him and the 5 players around him. Communication is great and all but he also reads the game very well and was able to step into passing lanes at the right time. His pairing with Nortberto Papparatto in the back was the best pairing we have seen this year.

Kevin: Rodney Wallace

I'm giving it to Wallace for all the work he put in going up and down the left side. He played like he did last year and the result was bringing that left side into the game. He looked gassed at the end but was still putting in all the effort to get on the ball. And getting a goal definitely helps.

Michael: Diego Valeri

I can't get past him, despite voting for him nearly every week over the past month. He's in great form in the most obvious way, through scoring in his MLS team record fourth consecutive game, but it's things like his four key passes that really unlock opposing defenses.

Will: Diego Chara

Chara is always everywhere. This is a given. What put him a step above last night was his passing. Despite a drop in pure passing percentage, Chara put himself in more advanced positions than we have seen recently and as a result was playing more difficult, more attacking passes, two of which sprung the Timbers two goals on the night. The whole team played well, but Chara was the cornerstone on which the whole performance was built.

There are our Man of the Match picks, but what are yours? Vote in the poll and share your reasoning in the comments below.