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Stumptown Footy Meetup: Twice As Nice

Last year we had one meetup during the last away game of the season. This year, we'll have two! One in September and one in October.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Last October we had the first ever Stumptown Footy meetup at Clive's Public House at Rose City Futsal. If you were there you know how fun it was and how that was obviously the reason we ran over Chivas USA to the tune of 5-0.

So with the need for more road points, comes the need for more meetups. That, or we just want to say hi to you, watch the game, enjoy a pint, and say "Thanks for being a part of this online community".

This year there will be two opportunities to hang out with your fellow readers and contributors. So for those who aren't able to make one of them, hopefully the second one works. And if you can make both, do it!

We've gone with the two dates that were requested the most. Saturday 9/13 at Colorado and Saturday 10/4 at San Jose.

Hopefully everyone is as excited as I am for these meetups. So mark these dates in your calendar and let's do this!

First Meetup: Sept 13th

Our first meetup will be at the same location we had last year. Clive's Public House at Rose City Futsal. I know last year a few people had mentioned renting a futsal court and this year I looked into it. I wasn't able to make it happen this time, but if there is enough interest I will make every effort to get a court next year.

What: A Meetup for everyone who reads Stumptown Footy

Where: Clive's Public House at Rose City Futsal on Sept 13th, 2014. 

When: Kick off is at 6:00pm.

Second Meetup: Oct 4th

In an effort to keep things from being dull, and going to the same place twice, I have secured Bazi for us. I've been to both locations and I think the room available to us is approximately the same (maybe slightly less at Bazi), but Bazi will probably be a more popular location, so come with the expectation that we may have less room available to us during this meetup.

Where: Bazi Bierbrasserie on SE Hawthorne on Oct 4th, 2014.

When: Kick off is at 8:00pm.