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Jose Adolfo Valencia Sale Going Forward; Could Be Made Official Soon

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The Timbers' loaned out striker could be off the books soon.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

In the lead up to the MLS All-Star Game last week, news came out of Argentina that the long awaited transfer of Jose Adolfo Valencia from the Portland Timbers is on the verge of being resolved. In the furor surrounding the All-Star Game the reports were missed by many in Portland (like me), but now we have confirmation from a source with the team that Valencia will officially be leaving the Timbers soon in a move that will be "good for the club and him."

According to widely circulated reports out of Argentina, suitors Rosario Central of the Argentinian Primera Division have been looking to bring Trencito on board, following his seven goals in nineteen appearances, just seven of them starts, in the 2013-14 Torneo Final while on loan with fellow Argentinian club Olimpo.

On August 5th, Central got their way as Trencito traveled to the city of Rosario to undergo a physical before signing a reported four year contract with the club. Now, according to statements from Trencito himself, it is only down to processing the paperwork between the Timbers and Rosario before he can officially join his new side, just at the 2014-15 Torneo Inicial begins.

Timbers fans are certainly well acquainted with having to wait for a player's paperwork to be finalized, most recently pining away from Liam Ridgewell to join the team over the summer before his eventual arrival in mid-July.

The details become somewhat murky surrounding the particulars of the transfer, with one report stating that Rosario will purchase 50% of the rights to Valencia. How that will affect the Timbers, or if it is accurate, is unclear.

Regardless, the Timbers should see a significant windfall of allocation funds given the $1,000,000+ valuations that have been put on the rumored transfer.