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Rosario Central Announces Acquisition of Jose Adolfo Valencia on Official Club Site

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The other half of the long-rumored Valencia sale has announced that the player is theirs.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this evening Argentine side Rosario Central posted an announcement to their official team site stating that Jose Adolfo Valencia is now able to play with their first team and is already available to their technical director. The article does not include any information on the method or terms of his acquisition.

Tellingly, the article is timestamped as being released on Saturday, the 23rd of August. As Argentina is four hours ahead of our local pacific time zone, it seems likely that we could see a matching announcement from the Timbers very soon.

Last week a source with the Portland Timbers confirmed that a deal for Valencia was going ahead that would be beneficial to both the player and the Timbers.

For his part, Valencia has already been tweeting about his time with Rosario, most recently posting a picture of himself in some Rosario gear alongside Uruguayan journeyman Sebastian Abreu, who is currently on loan to the club from Club Nacional de Football of Uruguay.

Valencia has yet to be added to the Rosario roster page, but longtime MLS fans will recognize the name of forward Franco Niell, who had a short-lived stint with D.C. United in 2008.