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Liam Ridgewell Added to the All-Star Roster

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Liam Ridgewell has been added to the All-Star roster due to an an injury.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Timbers now have three All-Stars with the addition of Liam Ridgewell to the All-Star Roster. He was added after Kyle Beckerman picked up an injury and needed to be replaced.  With the game tomorrow it made sense that someone from the West Coast would need to be chosen because anyone coming from outside of the pacific time zone would have to travel too far. It is also possible that a player based in the East would not have been able to fly out today and would have to travel tomorrow.

Even the LA teams could have been a logistical headache but might have worked out due to the number of flights from LAX. San Jose and Vancouver are probably the farthest away you could pull a player from but a player still might not make it to Portland until Wednesday. So it came down to picking either a player from the Seattle Sounders or the Portland Timbers. To make it easier on the player and the team Caleb Porter choose someone already in Portland.

Porter had this to say about the decision to

"Under the circumstances in losing a player at this late point in time, I felt it was best to pull in a player that wouldn't disrupt the other clubs and their preparation this week," Porter said in a statement. "Liam will be a quality addition."

The choice of a Portland player makes sense with MLS set to have a full slate of games on Saturday and Sunday and it makes sense it is a defensive replacement. With other players on the Timbers' roster having logged quite a few minutes and so to save them even more minutes he picked Liam.