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Reminder: Stumptown Footy Meetup in 48 Hours

Don't forget that we are still going to have our meetup for the Colorado away match this Saturday.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Just a reminder that in 48 hours we will have our first of two meetups this year. We are gathering at Rose City Futsal for the Colorado match. If you weren't there last year or have never been to RCF, the address is 5010 NE Oregon St. And the pub is upstairs. Kickoff is at 6pm. Showing up anytime between 5 and 6p should work out perfectly. I'm going to be getting off a plane at PDX just a few short hours before kickoff but I will still be there. One or two other editors will be there as well.

I know there is another large event that ended up being planned for this same day after we already set this meeting up. So if it is a smaller crowd that is okay. We are still going to have both meetups as previously planned.

So come on down and have some fun and meet other readers and discuss Timbers while we cheer them on against Colorado.