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Portland Timbers Man of the Match: Huge Stops

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The Timbers did not get the win, but they did manage to bring home a point against the Rapids, despite a lack of any truly transcendent performances this time around.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Timbers did not come away with everything that they wanted from Saturday's 2-2 loss to the Colorado Rapids, but the point in hand certainly helps them stay just enough above water to hold out hope for a playoff spot. The Timbers followed up the previous week's suspect defensive performance with a controversial one instead, giving up two goals on controversial calls, one offside and the other a questionable handball.

Unlike last week, no one player took over the match for the Timbers, so it was somewhat more difficult to make a Man of the Match pick than just pointing at Diego Valeri and saying "well, duh." Still, we made our picks and shared them below. Check them out and give us your picks by voting in the poll.

Kelly: Donovan Ricketts

Ricketts clearly hasn't been as good as last season, but he came up with 3 or 4 last-season-type saves to keep the game within reach.

Kevin: Diego Valeri

I don't want to give it to a defender. We coughed up two goals even though both could/should be blamed on bad calls by the refs. And within the attacking group Valeri stood out the most to me.

Stacey: Diego Valeri

Someone at the meetup last night (I'd give credit if I could remember who)* raised a scary question: how bad would we be this year without Diego Valeri? It feels like a cop-out to keep voting for him after every game, but he's consistently the player keeping the Timbers in these games and last night was no different. Honorable mention goes to Donovan Ricketts, who also had a hand in keeping the Timbers in it with a couple of huge stops on Deshorn Brown.

*Turns out it was Kevin.

And now for two votes to take with a grain of salt.

Michael: Diego Valeri

I didn't see the game but um, Valeri!

Will: Liam Ridgewell

Well, I was at another wedding and against had limited internet access, so I have not even seen the highlights yet. That being said, I did catch Ridgewell's post-game thoughts on the refereeing, which he shared on twitter here.

There are our picks, but what are yours? Let us know by voting in the poll or posting in the comments below.