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RSVP: The Next Stumptown Footy Meetup

We still have one more meetup this year. October 4th vs San Jose. But we are trying out a different venue to change things up and require some vaguely accurate headcount.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

First off, huge thanks to those of you who showed up at our Meetup at Rose City Futsal this past Saturday. The result was not what we wanted, and understandably it was a small group with the Timbers Army Block Party going on at the same time. But it was nonetheless fun and enjoyable!

Thankfully, we planned for not one, but TWO meetups this year. Our next meetup shall take place during the away match vs San Jose on Saturday October 4th. The venue will change to Bazi PDX on SE Hawthorne. Now, they are a much smaller location than the pub above RCF. In hindsight I probably would have reversed the venues, but when we initially planned these meetups the Block Party didn't exist.

I suspect there will be a lot more people coming to this meetup than the first one. So please RSVP in the attached poll. 3 options. Yes. Maybe. No. I'd like as accurate a headcount as possible to take to Bazi. And if Bazi turns out to be too small for this next meetup we should be able to use RCF as a fallback option. Obviously if anything changes from the current plan I will be sure to alert the community ASAP.

Right now though:

Stumptown Footy Meetup 2

Bazi Bierbrasserie

1522 SE 32nd Ave Portland, OR 97214

Saturday, October 4th

Kickoff at 8pm vs San Jose Earthquakes