December Expansion Draft: Who to Hold?

Nobody wants to lose players they like, obviously, when the expansion draft comes to town, but if life were fair and rainbows really were made by Jesus as a cosmic "my bad", I'd have an iPhone 6 Plus in my hot little hands right now.

In case you are wondering: I don't, therefore life is unfair and the draft must go on. Pretty flawless logic, really.

So, quick expansion draft rules for those afraid to use a search engine:

  1. No more than two players can be picked from any one team.
  2. Teams can protect 11 players, Generation Adidas and Homegrown players are automatically protected and do not count against the 11.
  3. Once a player from a team is drafted, the team may now protect an additional player.

Now that you know how it works: strategize away! Who are your protected 11? Who gets drafted first? Who is your 12th protected man? Who could get drafted next?

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