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Stumptown Footy Needs a New Photographer

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We need someone to crew the sidelines for the rest of the season.

Ronald Wittek

It is sad to say, but after taking a whole bunch of awesome photos for us, Stacey has an awesome opportunity that will keep her off the sidelines of Providence Park. The folks at Getty often get us some great shots (they are what you see attached to most of our articles), but we need someone down there to get a few shots that we can call our own.

This is, unfortunately, going to be an unpaid position, but we will get you on the sidelines and in position to experience the game from a perspective that few get to enjoy.

We are looking for someone who can shoot Timbers and Thorns games and events on a regular basis, upload their photos in a timely fashion, and put together a gallery that their fellow Timbers fans will enjoy.

Even better would be someone who is up for contributing the occasional article to the site as well.*

You will need to provide your own camera equipment.

If all that sounds interesting, email me at williamconwell at and tell me about your photography experience, what you are shooting with, and what you would like to bring to the site. Some examples of your photography would be helpful as well.

*In fact, if you are reading this and want to contribute for us without being a photographer, feel free to throw your hat into the ring.