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Portland Timbers CONCACAF Champions League Man of the Match: A Toss Up

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The Timbers throttled Alpha United last night, but who looked the best while doing so?

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Beating another team 6-0 is never pretty, but no quarter was asked of the Portland Timbers and none was given in last night's 6-0 victory over Guyana's Alpha United in CONCACAF Champions League play. The Timbers' b-ish-side, thoroughly dominated the match and, along the way, a number of players who have rarely seen the field in recent MLS games, had a chance to shine.

Here are our picks for the players who most impressed against Alpha.

Ryan: Michael Nanchoff

More than anything his service on the corners was the reason I chose him as MOTM. His corners looked dangerous all night and his shot from outside the box was a rocket, I don't think it got more than 2 inches off the ground but never hit the ground until it hit the net.

Stacey: Norberto Paparatto

I know that facing Alpha United probably doesn't strike any of our defenders as a hugely difficult defensive task, but it still took some effort and focus to get the clean sheet. Add a couple of goals to that and Paparatto was a major contributor at both ends of the field. Plus, I think being over six feet tall and having to occasionally defend a guy who is about half your size and frequently falls over when you touch him is a special kind of challenge all on its own.

Kelly: Norberto Paparatto

Clean sheet speaks well of the defense (regardless of how bad Alpha might be), and he scored two goals. Maybe a little confidence boost will help him moving forward.

Kevin: Michael Nanchoff

Its really a toss up between Paparatto and Nanchoff. But Paparatto doesn't get his two goals without the service from Nanchoff. He wasn't bad on the corners, got his two assists on Paparatto's two goals and a goal for himself as well.

Will: Danny O'Rourke

Others will disagree (and some already have in the recap), but I think O'Rourke was the glue that held together a Timbers side playing a heavily tweaked formation with some unfamiliar faces in unfamiliar places. His calm, his passing, and his surprising ability to dribble out of pressure were a key part of what made this side work so well on the night.

There are our picks. Share yours in the comments and vote in the poll below.