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A Farewell to Stumptown Footy: Two Seasons Photographing the Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns

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My favorite pictures from (almost) two seasons as Stumptown Footy's photographer.

As you all most likely know from Will's recent post seeking a new photographer, my time at Stumptown Footy is coming to an end. I'll be spending the next year in Spain and expect to find it difficult to follow the teams with the same intensity (and taking pictures is, obviously, out of the question).

At Will's suggestion, I have assembled as my last post on the site a gallery of my favorite photos and moments from the last couple seasons of taking pictures of the Timbers and Thorns. I've really enjoyed bantering about soccer with all of you both here and on Twitter and I've even been lucky enough to meet a handful of you in person. Since my plan is to continue to watch the Timbers when I can, I am sure you will still see me around the comment threads here.

I am very grateful to have had the chance to share my work with you. You guys are awesome and supportive and you consistently turn a potentially nerve-wracking thing into something really fun, so thank you very much for that.