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Will Johnson Goes Down with Serious Injury in 1' Against Toronto FC

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The Timbers' captain is down with an unconfirmed but serious injury.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Timbers lost team captain Will Johnson to an injury in the first minute of today's match against Toronto FC. There is no word yet on the extent of Johnson's injury, but the immediacy of his reaction and the steps taken on the field look like a broken leg.

The injury came in the first touches of today's match as Johnson got the ball off the kickoff then took a long touch down field. With just barely too much on the ball, Johnson hustled after it, sliding at the same time as Toronto defender Mark Bloom. Bloom got to the ball at the same time as Johnson and the two collided, apparently shin to shin.

As the two rolled away from the collision, Johnson was immediately signalling for the trainers with a grim look on his face. It became apparent that the injury was serious as the stretcher and medics immediately followed the trainers out. Toronto's Michael Bradley, Johnson's childhood friend and teammate at Dutch club Heerenveen, also came over and provided talked to his friend.

After a long stoppage while the leg was wrapped and stabilized, Johnson was carted off the pitch and Ben Zemanski was introduced as his replacement.

We will post updates on Johnson's injury as they are available.