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That Sick Feeling in Your Stomach

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How do you pick yourself up from a game like this?

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

There was a sick feeling in the stomach of every fan of the Portland Timbers today that started after Will Johnson's broken leg in the first minute of today's match against Toronto FC and, for many, has not yet begun to fade.

The fans can afford to linger, but on the heels of that disaster of a match that saw the Timbers' lose their captain to injury, lose their best player to suspension, and throw three points away to a series of free kicks, the team needs to move on and move on fast.

For the fans, today's match felt like a quick kick in the groin. For the players, particularly a close-knit, competitive group like the Timbers, it must have been so much worse.

The Timbers have had to bounce back from difficult losses earlier this season and the refrain has always been the same: look at what went wrong and move on.

To date the Timbers have done well after their losses. The team has posted an average of 1.88 points per game after losing, compared to 1.08 after drawing or 1.11 after winning. Inconsistency and scheduling issues be damned, this points to a team that rallies after a loss; a team that pulls together after adversity.

They will need every ounce of that ability to recover after today.