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Portland Timbers Training Quotes and Notes: Full Strength

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The Timbers trained today at Providence Park as they prepare for San Jose.

William Conwell

The Portland Timbers trained at Providence Park today as they get ready to host the San Jose Earthquakes for the first time this year with only eight games remaining in the season. The team put in a long, closed session this morning, heading indoors just before the press was let out onto the pitch.

The only player remaining on the pitch after practice had wrapped up was forward Maximiliano Urruti. With an entire team's worth of balls scattered around him, Urruti practiced his shooting alone on the pitch, first taking shots from just outside the box then moving to the penalty spot.

As Caleb Porter crossed the pitch to come address the press, he took a moment to stop and talk with Urruti, making the motion of Urruti's now-signature arrow shooting goal celebration several times as they spoke.

Note: Sorry for the short one today. I just got back into town and have to go catch up at work. -Will

Injuries and Absences

The Timbers are back at full strength now, Porter confirmed, with the whole team healthy for the first time this year.

Liam Ridgewell did miss several practice sessions earlier this week with a sore calf, Porter told the press before confirming that Ridgewell practiced today and was fine.

George Fochive, who has been returning from a knee injury suffered while on loan with the Sacramento Republic, is back in full training with the team.