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More Mock Drafts: Defenders Are the Way to Go

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

We took a look at some of the best mock drafts out there yesterday, trying to get an idea of who the Portland Timbers might be after in the upcoming 2015 MLS Superdraft. Now with the draft coming up tomorrow morning, lets look over the latest versions of those drafts before the big day is here.

The editors are at it again, this time factoring the MLS Combine into their thoughts on how the draft will shake out.

No. 5

Jonathan Yardley: Andy Thoma, D, Washington

Portland do their homework. If Alashe is not available at No. 5, they will remain unfazed by Thoma's so-so Combine performance and bank on his excellent college career.

Matthew Doyle: Conor Donovan, D, NC State

Donovan's not the most game-ready defender in the draft, but he's got a GA deal and the Timbers can stash him with T2 for a couple of years, then have him ready for 2017.

Nate Sulat: Fatai Alashe, M, Michigan State

Donovan's a tempting pick here, and I wouldn't be surprised if Portland went that way. But Alashe can play at both positions where the Timbers need depth, and I think he's good enough to contribute from Day 1.

Soccer By Ives

No changes here from Ives with the 5th pick, Nick Besler, M, Notre Dame, or the 34th, Cameron Iwasa, F, UC Irvine, but the Timbers' middle picks have been changed since his last mock draft.

No. 24

Ignacio Maganto, M, Iona

No. 32

Oniel Fisher, D, New Mexico


Here we see the picks from WVHooligan's (and Big D Soccer's) Drew Epperly. Epperly bucks the trend in picking Earle for the Timbers, but does stick with the common thought that they could use a backup left back.

No. 5

Otis Earle, D, UC Riverside

While they could certainly be smart and take center back Connor Donovan and his GA tag, I think adding some quality depth at left back would suit them wisely in this draft. They added Brazilian Jeanderson recently but sometimes foreign signings like than don’t pan out.

Sports Illustrated

This is not exactly a mock draft, but author Liviu Bird does specifically mention the Timbers when going over his top prospects in the draft class.

Conor Donovan, D, NC State

Donovan needed just one season in college before turning pro, and he’s already a well-known quantity among national team staff. Along with Larin, he’s in Jamaica for the CONCACAF U-20 tournament, playing for the U.S. as the only collegiate field player selected to the team. The Portland Timbers have the No. 5 pick on Thursday, and their 2014 record showed a serious need for reinforcements on the back line.

With coach Caleb Porter’s background in developing college-aged players, it could be the right circumstances for both sides.