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Dell Loy Hansen Wants Nat Borchers Back

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Every street Dell Loy Hansen walks on he leaves tear stains on the ground following the centerback Garth Lagerway didn’t even want around.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

It all started with a tweet from Will Johnson.

First of all, wow. That’s ice cold.

But by itself it wouldn’t have been much. Sure, folks in Salt Lake wouldn’t like it, but, as our friends at RSL Soapbox pointed out, it was hard to say Johnson wasn’t right. Nat Borchers has been quite good for the Portland Timbers. And RSL could’ve probably used him this year.

Fortunately for us, however, Real Salt Lake owner Dell Loy Hansen (previously of massive-fine-inducing CBA trash talk fame) entered the fray. On Facebook.

When Matt Montgomery of RSL Soapbox first reported Hansen’s Facebook comment this morning, we still weren’t absolutely certain if it was legitimate. Maybe it was a very in-character imposter posing as the Claret-and-Cobalt owner on yesteryear’s in-vogue social media site.

But, when asked by the Salt Lake Tribune’s (a paper that, by the way, harshly criticized Hansen after the last time the Timbers won at Rio Tinto) Chris Kamrani, RSL admitted that, yes, that is Hansen’s Facebook profile.

They didn’t say "no comment." They didn’t issue a denial. They didn’t deflect. They confirmed it.

This is incredible.

And, of course, it all feels pretty good for the Timbers. They are, after all, the team that apparently snookered RSL so badly that Hansen cut ties with the general manager that built his franchise one of the most stable, successful cores in MLS history.

Yikes. Also, cool.

In any event, RSL, and Dell Loy Hansen, should be applauded for their honesty. The least we can do, therefore, is help capture Hansen’s feelings about Borchers by way of a really, really good cover of Jackson 5: