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Let's Party! Portland Timbers Announce Parade and Rally

We Won The Cup! Time to Celebrate!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Timbers have returned home with the 2015 MLS Cup. Yes, this team has a trophy. Now it's time to celebrate!

With many players having scheduled travel plans beginning Wednesday, it won't be possible for any of this to happen on the weekend. I know most of us work so it will be difficult but tomorrow is the day. Tuesday, December 8th, there will be festivities for everyone in downtown Portland to celebrate this amazing achievement.

Head downtown to celebrate with the team, the town, and the Timbers Army if you can make it. Not all of the players who made this possible will be able to return next season. There is already a few players whose options have been declined, including Maxi Urruti, and others that are expected to move on as well. So make sure you come down and celebrate this victory with everyone!

The parade will be set for sometime around noon. Can't really expect any other time as a downtown parade during evening rush hour is pretty much out of the question. But for everyone who has to work all day, hopefully the rally set for sometime around 6pm will be better for many schedules.

Downtown Parade Details

The parade will be a short one. 10 blocks. It will begin at Broadway and Stark and ends at Broadway and Madison.

Providence Park Rally Details

The rally will begin at 6pm at Providence Park. This is a free event and the gates will open at 5:00pm. There will be complementary coffee, hot dogs, hot chocolate, along with discounted food and beverage available for purchase. There will also be an opportunity to purchase MLS Championship gear.

When & Where

Parade: SW Broadway & SW Stark, Downtown, 12:00pm, Tuesday, December 8th

Rally: Providence Park, 6:00pm, Tuesday, December 8th