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Rumors of a New Signing as the Season Approaches

William Conwell

As the Portland Timbers prepare for Sunday's Simple Invitational opener, rumors have surfaced that the team could be looking to bring in another attacking piece before the season starts.

Our own Chris Rifer tweeted out yesterday that the Timbers are looking for a "forward/winger with pace".

With the Timbers apparently passing on Omar Cummings following the former Houston Dynamo forward's trial with the team during the Desert Friendlies, the Timbers are apparently casting their eyes elsewhere.

Asked about the possibility of bringing in another player before the start of the season, Porter told the press that it was a possibility, but not a pressing need.

"Right now I think that we are looking," said Porter. "It would be nice to get a third forward-slash-winger. It gives us that kind of third attacking piece off the bench. Obviously if we lose a guy to an injury then that player becomes even more imperative."

Making the potential for this sort of move even more intriguing is the possibility that some of the players that the Timbers are looking at could already be on hand and training with Timbers 2. For much of the preseason, Porter has insisted that the Timbers will use T2 as a place to look at players on trial.

Now that T2's preseason is underway, could one of the unknown players with the team be a possible first team signing?

Since the start of the T2 camp, two players with senior international caps that somewhat fit the description of a "forward/winger with pace" have been identified (but not confirmed) as training with T2.

Forward Rundell Winchester, a 21-year-old Trinidad and Tobago international is one possibility. Most recently playing in the Belgian third division, Winchester has already been capped four times for T&T.

Another youngster currently in camp with T2, New Zealand international Tim Payne, also fits the bill, although he is generally more regarded as a midfielder than a forward. Also 21, Payne has been capped ten times with the All Whites, scoring two goals in the process.