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More Sightings of the New Portland Timbers Home Kit

The kit is confirmed.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The initial reactions to the Portland Timbers' new 2015 home kit were largely negative after pictures of it leaked on the rack of an Asian retailer. Now more pictures of the kit are popping up and some fan's worst fears appear to have been confirmed.

The new images of the kit come from a currently live now taken down page on, where the "authentic" kit is currently was selling for $119.95.

In all this, several new details of the kit are revealed:

  • The jock tag will be the "5/40" emblem that the Timbers have been using to celebrate the 40th year since the team's inception and the 5th year since joining MLS.
  • There are short white stripes on the bottom of either side of the jersey, bordered by a thinner moss green stripe above it.
  • "Timbers" will be printed in small lettering across the shoulders of the jersey's back, just below the moss green seam that runs across the clavicle and shoulders.
  • "Advanced, lightweight trademark adizero knit"

So what do you think of this view of the new kits? Does it change your mind at all?