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Portland Timbers Man of the Match: Both Sides

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Timbers pulled out a third period draw against the Houston Dynamo thanks to a well placed goal from trialist and MLS journeyman Omar Cummings. The game was a somewhat disjointed one from both sides, but there were bright spots and we have winnowed them out for our Man of the Match picks.

Chris Rifer: Darlington Nagbe

The Timbers struggled to finish and had some bad giveaways made worse by shaky defensive responses, but their work in midfield chance-creation was solid for preseason. Early preseason goals typically come from set pieces and defensive mistakes. The Timbers, with Nagbe leading the charge, did a nice job of creating for themselves on Saturday, even if the first unit struggled to finish off those chances.

Chris Gluck: Alvas Powell

If I had to award a MoTM it'd be Alvas Powell - he continued to show well in defending his right fullback position - did exceptionally well in putting off the wily veteran, Brad Davis and added value in penetrating the Houston defending final third. His defending of Davis was good enough that it forced Davis to move more central and then more towards the opposite side of the pitch. A good showing for such a young lad against a crafty attacker.

Casey: Alvas Powell

The versatility in an otherwise clumsy game from both sides for Powell was nice to see. Powell shut down Brad Davis for the majority of this match frustrating him up and down the right wing drawing a foul from him as well. Shutting down the crosses from his wing definitely relieved lots of pressure for the other defenders since it was one of Houston's best forms of offense. Powell kept it clean up his side for the most part as well, creating some chances for the Timbers laying in some crosses and driving down the wing with some pace. Overall a strong showing from him and that side of the pitch.

Who was your pick for the Timbers' Man of the Match? We actually have a poll this time around, so don't forget to vote and tell us why in the comments below.