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Player Performance Rankings: Stabaek At Portland Timbers

Rank the Player's performance for the Portland Timbers against Stabaek in the Simple Invitational.


Over a year ago the Stumptown Footy staff made a decision to no longer have player ratings. One of the main reasons we no longer have player ratings was due to the large fluctuations in the ratings and the simple fact that no two people watching a soccer game will generally agree on a rating for a player. However, lately there have been some comments concerning player ratings and the desire to have revive the thread.

While this might be what happens first I wanted to try out a different way of rating how well a player did or did not play with a slight change in how we rate them. Instead of rating a player on a specific scale we will be ranking the player based on one criteria. Did they have a good game? You will either select the thumbs up if they did or if they did not select the thumbs down(If you can't decide just don't vote either way for that player). This will give us an overall ranking of each player. I also took it one step further and divided the team into defensive and offensive players. The list will update in real time as the votes get tallied.

Please let me know what you think of the new system in the comments and I am open to suggestions.

Offensive Players

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Defensive Players

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