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Excessive Cuteness: Portland Timbers Family Photo Shoot

Warning: The video above is super cute. Be ready to go, "awwww."

The Portland Timbers' axe photo shoots have been an unqualified success, giving fans a chance to have their picture taken with two of the most excellent of man's instruments: an axe or chainsaw. Lines for the most recent photo shoots were hours long as people gathered to have their picture taken in their Timbers gear.

The Timbers players may not have waited in line for quite as long, but they did get in on the action as well with a number of Timbers players and their families having their photos taken. Now we can all see how gosh-darn adorable some of the Timbers and their families are in this video of the shoot from

Will Johnson, Diego Valeri, Jack Jewsbury, Nat Borchers, Darlington Nagbe, and Diego Chara all make appearances, but it is their kids who steal the show.