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Let's Rank Stuff: MLS Centerback Pairings

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like every other day somebody is making reference to "one of the best centerback pairings in Major League Soccer." In the articles, in the comments, on the Twitters, and just about everywhere else, new "best centerback pairings" seem to crop up all the time.

So, having noticed this disturbing trend, what is a concerned person to do? Simple*: make a list and rank them.

*This post not sponsored by Simple.

Below we have each team in MLS's most recently used centerback pairings ready for your voting. Sure, Pa Modou Kah has appeared two more times than Diego Rodriguez for the Vancouver Whitecaps, Norberto Paparatto has his own following here in Portland, and Chelis could suddenly appear and demand that some team play a 3-5-2 at any moment, but let's just keep it nice and straightforward for the time being.

So, take a look at the list and click away, then feel free to give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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