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StrikeWatch 2015: Mid-day Update

The news out of Washington D.C. is growing increasingly dire with reports that the Major League Soccer owners are dug in on their "no free agency" front and that the players are preparing to strike if some concessions are not made.

Of course, Steve Goff is on the scene in D.C. and has some important tweets for us.

The alleged "32/10" offer was later addressed, however, and has reportedly be improved upon by the owners.

With all that in mind, it is hard to imagine that these talks suddenly wrap up nicely. The MLSPU representatives on each team have been reiterating the players' commitment since the start of the preseason.

Canadian Soccer News's Duane Rollins came at the negotiations from a different angle today, talking to several player agents. The outlook from them, however, has been even more dire:

Multiple player agents spoke to CSN off-record today to stress that the negotiations are close to breaking down. It's possible that the players may formally walk away from the table as soon as this afternoon.

All of this paints an unflattering picture of a league on the verge of a strike.

If that strike should occur, it appears that agents of players are prepared for the occasion, according to Jeffrey Carlisle.

Of course, there could be any number of unintended consequences from a strike. Again, Carlisle has the info: