Room for One More?

While we have officially brought Ishmael Yartey in on loan, with Anthony Manning signing to T2 instead of the Timbers I believe we have one roster slot left open. If so, should we keep this open until the summer transfer window and try to bring in someone who might fill a need we won't recognize until then? Should we use it to address an immediate need: the absences of Diego Valeri and Will Johnson? What if Valeri and Johnson don't ever return to form, as some pessimists (or realists?) suggest? Is there an area where we could still use more depth, perhaps right back or center back? After Paparatto, I believe that Powell and Peay are our backup center back options at this point, with Peay part of the depth at right back as well. Is there an position where we could use an upgrade or a different type of player, a Kyle Beckerman or Jermaine Jones over Johnson? Are there any players we know or expect to be available that might fill our needs without breaking the bank? Possible loan with option to buy targets? Keep in mind that the CBA isn't official yet and that the cap and salaries will be going up a bit.

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