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Stumptown Footy Fantasy Returns


People have been asking about the Stumptown Footy fantasy leagues this year and I am happy to oblige.

We will have both a head to head and a classic league this season, so join up on and make your picks before the season starts on Friday.

League Codes

Stumptown Footy Head to Head: 14559-3060

Stumptown Footy Classic: 14559-3061

Also, don't forget the Soccer Made in Portland league: 6258-1440

What are head to head and classic?

Basically, a head to head league is scored just like an actual soccer league: you may score a million goals/fantasy points, but you are matched up against one other team and you still only get three points for a win or one point for a tie on the league table.

A classic league, meanwhile, is all about the points accumulated each week, with the highest total at the end of the day being the winner.

Basically, head to head is great for talking trash to a new person each week, while classic pits you against the world until the end of the season.